At Sea, August 9, 2013

Weather:  Foggy, high temp in low 50s (turned clocks back 1 hour last night)

The ship didn't leave Reykjavik last night at 11:00 as scheduled because of strong winds, but left this morning around 6:00.  We had a few paperwork items (disembarkation, Canadian customs) but otherwise it was a day with little to do, which is nice.  We won at Name That Tune in the piano bar with Rod and Noel from Melbourne and Lyn from Chicago.  It's run differently from the Crow's Next version where you hear a little bit of a recording.  At the piano bar the host plays a little bit of the song.  We won the first round with 10 of 12 right and then won the second round over 2 other teams with 4 of 5 right.  It was a team effort, so a nice win.  We skipped the comedian, who we heard later wasn't funny, and also skipped the Ice Ball.  There was a lot of movement on the ship today as it is still windy.

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